petek, 25. julij 2014

Films in Summer ... or Summer in Films

Even though this July has been nothing like summery (apart from a few isolated days), I was and I still am excited about all the happening in the city, especially when we're talking about movies. The best thing about summer is the possibility to watch movies outside, or under the stars as some say. And this summer's selection is just great.

The projections have to start later, not before 9 pm, when it finally gets dark (I wonder how they do it in Finland or other Scandinavian countries with "eternal" daylight during summer? They probably can't...) and there is nothing better than sitting on a comfortable chair on a summer night surrounded by fellow movie-lovers and a gentle breeze.

The first outdoor screenings this summer in Ljubljana were about a month ago on the Congress Square (Kongresni trg) in the centre and they were for free! Special thanks to Kinodvor. We're talking about good old movies such as The Circus (Charlie Chaplin!), The Sound of Music and Ben Hur. I was so disappointed when it started raining during the Circus screening (which was the first of the three). The scenery was great and the movie was just perfect for a free of charge outdoor projections in a city bustling with tourists from all around the world in summer. Why? Well, because nobody speaks in a silent movie of course! There's just music and Chaplin's so distinctive character and even though it was shoot so many years ago (1928 to be exact), it's still so funny! The rain ruined the experience though but there still were some brave people who watched it anyway, even if it meant standing and holding an umbrella.

It was different for The Sound of Music. Some may think it's such a cliché movie but think about it. It's free, it's on a beautiful summer night and who doesn't like to hear some "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens..."? I was totally for it and when I came, practically all of the chairs were already taken! And the square is huge, by the way.

Unfortunately I wasn't there for the Ben Hur screening otherwise I would have come!

What's coming next - the screenings at the Ljubljana Castle. Film pod zvezdami or Movies under the stars. Have you seen the programme? It's really great. I like the way how they chose some of the best movies of the past year, which is perfect for those who might have missed them and included some premieres as well. The one I am especially excited about is Boyhood which seems really promising! And even though I have seen quite many of the films on the programme I will maybe consider seeing the ones I preferred one more time, considering the price for the tickets (especially for non-premiere movies) is really not so expensive and, come on, it's a whole other experience watching them under the stars. On a hill above Ljubljana. In a castle.

And it's not over yet. As of tomorrow, we will have the opportunity to spend up to five days in the idyllic Croatian town of Motovun for the Motovun Film Festival! Full of little "film-candies" such as Lunchbox (I did love this amazing Indian movie!) and Billy Elliot. I really do hope the weather will once for all realise that it is JULY and not April or late October and finally send us some much needed and appreciated and awaited warm sunshine. Fingers crossed!

sobota, 12. julij 2014

Nekega dne na Bledu. One day in Bled.

S projektom 365 fotografij v 365 dneh sem v takem zaostanku, da bom potrebovala veliko, ampak res veliko navdiha naenkrat, če bom želela to poletje zamudo nadoknaditi. Ampak bom! Vmes pa tale fotografija, ki mi jo je uspelo posneti nekega večera, kje drugje kot na Bledu! Poletje je v zraku (čeprav vreme nekaj štrajka ...).

~ ~ ~

I am so extremely behind schedule for my '365 photos in 365 days' project that I'm going to need A LOT of inspiration at once if I want to catch up before the end of summer. But I will! In the mean time, here's a photo I managed to take during a lovely evening in Bled, Slovenia. Summer is in the air (even though the weather doesn't seem to admit it...).